Making Millions off an Email Newsletter?! Sam Parr from The Hustle Tells All

Sam Parr is an intriguing conversationalist with a broad range of curiosities and a great repertoire of stories to pull from. Using examples from his own life, he demonstrates how he muddled through to where he is now. Embracing his wisdom and experience, he gives solid advice on shortcuts to along that journey he would take now if he had a second chance. Attributing his success to his tenacity, research, problem-solving attitude, and community support, Parr is humble and action-focused in his approach to breaking down business and marketing mechanism and communicating their effectiveness.

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How Product Hunt’s Ryan Hoover Built A $20M Community From Scratch

Ryan Hoover’s engaging conversation is humble and down-to-earth, inviting listeners to take the first steps by turning to their own communities and using word of mouth as a tool to spread your value.

Hoover advises giving and receiving constructive feedback and using it to learn, making smart guesses, and experimenting to find what works and what doesn't. Using a flipbook of examples from his own business, Hoover illustrates the tools needed to stand out, spread your idea, and keeping it ticking over.

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Million Dollar Consulting with Alan Weiss

This fast-paced back and forth has some incredible insights into the timeless techniques and patterns that Weiss has seen work through the ages of entrepreneurship.

He speaks confidently on the need for hard work and self-esteem, and on working to refine skills and language to support both those things.

Weiss advocates using the tools around you for self-education and promotion, whether that be your community of contacts or through finding a mentor.

Focused on ensuring he contributes value to the community, Weiss prides himself on never retiring – after all men don’t stop playing games because they grow old, they grow old because they stop playing games.

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Effective negotiation with Chris Voss

Voss' conversation with Kevin Rose is insightful and provides a wealth of actionable tips that are as transferrable to business as to life itself.

One of the keen points Voss emphasizes is that nobody wants to make a deal they feel they've lost. With that in mind, it's your job to ensure both yourself and the other party feel like winners.

His impressive array of tactics and commensurate examples in this podcast are extremely valuable to any keen entrepreneur and negotiator.

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